Sarah Boice


Sarah Boice grew up in Tucson, Arizona and began her dancing career at age 2 1/2 at Danswest Dance. She was always one of the strongest tap dancers at the studio and at the age of 17, she decided to pursue her professional tap dance career. She began by performing with the Phoenix-based tap dance company, Tap 24.7, in their very first National Tap Dance Day performance in Tempe, Arizona in 2012. Since then, she has performed in every show Tap 24.7 has produced, and has loved every second of it. In 2016, Sarah became an official member of the Tap 24.7 company. Today, Sarah is an active member of the company and is one of the choreographers for their original shows.

With Tap 24.7, Sarah has traveled to several cities performing with Tap 24.7 as guest performers. She has also gotten the opportunity to take master classes from some of the greatest tap dancers of our current generation.

Sarah is excited to spend another great year at the Dance Project working with the amazing students and faculty! She hopes to inspire her students to love tap dance and appreciate the art form for its beauty and rich history.

Fun fact: When Sarah is not teaching tap dance or working with Tap 24.7, she works full-time at a financial services company and has degrees in Finance and Entrepreneurship!