Acro and Acro Tots

Ages 3 & Up

Acro- Works Strength, Flexibility and Tumbling Skills.
Dress Code:  Dance or gymnastics apparel that are tightly fitted to the body. No loose clothing allowed.

Acro Tots- Gymnastics for 3-6 year olds that are beginning and/or progressing in gymnastics. Designed to teach flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness using gymnastics skills while building positive self-esteem in a relaxed, fun, yet challenging atmosphere. Activities include bars, tumbling, and trampoline.

Acro Tots: Ages 3-4 Tuesday 9:00am
Acro Tots: Ages 4-5 Tuesday 10:00am
Acro Tots: Ages 4-6: Saturday 10:00am
Acro: Ages 5-6 years Wednesday 4:15pm
Acro Ages 7+ yrs: Wednesday 6:15pm
Acro Ages 10+ yrs: Tuesday 5:15pm

More advanced class options available with instructor approval