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About Performing Group:  
We’ll go ahead and toot our own horn.... The Dance Project’s Performing Group is an accomplished, award winning, spectacular group of dancers who excel at their art and love to perform. They work hard at their craft and are some of the most dedicated, responsible, active AND sweet kids around!  The Performing group experience teaches invaluable lessons of commitment, hard work, and teamwork. It’s not all business though...we have a TON of fun too...not to mention dance friends are friends for LIFE!  At the Dance Project we strive to provide a loving, professional, age-appropriate environment with a top notch staff and facility that enables our dancers to grow and flourish. Our goal is to educate our dancers; to teach them skills needed for success in life, whether or not they stay involved in dance as adults.

Performing Group Auditions: Thank you for your interest in The Dance Project’s Performing Group. Whether it’s your first time auditioning, you are a veteran PG dancer, or you are just curious to find out more information about our programs…we welcome you to the Performing Group Auditions.  A new season of growth, talent, friendships, and performances is right around the corner.  Below you will find important and useful information about the upcoming auditions and season!  As always if you have questions just let us know.  Performing Group is for dancers who want to take their dancing to the next level...beyond the recreational commitment. The Dance Project believes that its performing group dancers deserve the best possible training in a loving and professional environment. We believe that building a great group of dancers is rooted in beautiful technique, diverse dance styles, and an atmosphere that is passionate for performing.  Performing Group is a yearlong commitment of investing into your dance training as well as a yearlong commitment to your team.  The year will be full of classes, choreography, costumes, performances, competitions, challenges, and achievements. Our PG dancers grow on and off the dance floor by not only working on technique and dance steps but by practicing life skills.  Commitment, dedication, respect, confidence, pride, teamwork and friendship are just a few of the qualities a PG dancer experiences.

The Dance Project’s Performing Group consists of four branches: Company Competition Team, Crew Competition Team, Ensemble Performance Team, and Mini Performance Team.

Each level of commitment is held to a high standard of excellence. Each group is a privilege to be in and represents The Dance Project equally. We expect outstanding character, passion for dance, and a hunger to grow from each team member. You can find details on the different requirements and expectations of each branch by downloading the Audition Packet below.

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Auditions are open to all however we do not accept all that audition. We highly recommend that before auditioning for our ensemble team that dancers have at least 2-3 years of experience in ballet, jazz and tap. We recommend having 2-3 years of hip hop experience before auditioning for crew.  If you want to know if your child is technically prepared to audition please speak with the front desk and ask for director/teacher feedback on your dancers readiness. Note that our minis take a minimum of 5 hours a week and because of this we recommend that mini dancers take 4 classes a week for an entire year before auditioning and committing to the team.  This helps ensure that Performing group is the right fit for your dancer and your family.

Please download the Performing Group Audition Packet above for further details and information about our programs. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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