New to Dance?

A child's first dance class is a very special milestone!

Fall Classes begin July 17th.
Fall registration opens July 12th at noon!
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We are honored you have chosen The Dance Project for your child's dance education.  Dance has brought us so much joy and taken us on many colorful adventures, we know it will do the same for your dancer! We are entering our 11th year as a studio, and we are so excited to welcome you as a member of our dance family.

Bows, Buns, Costumes, Rehearsals, it can seem a little foreign your first go around as a dance parent.  Don’t worry! We are here to help you!  One of the first things you will need to do is to create an account through our Parent Portal.  Click START REGISTRATION below to set up a family and student account.

Set up a family & student account

After you have created your parent portal and family account by clicking "Start Registration" above you will be able to start your online class registration.

Once your dancer is registered in a class, your account will be charged a yearly $5 family registration fee due at the time of enrollment. Our tuition fee schedule is based on a 4 week session.  To find out the tuition for the class or classes you are interested in please email us Our classes meet once a week from l to mid June, for a total of 11 sessions.   To get the most out of your dance education, we highly encourage dancers to take the full year of dance.  We accept new students through January. Students who enroll later in the season may need private lessons to catch them up on the class curriculum. If at any point your dancer needs to be withdrawn from classes please fill out the Withdrawal Form and submit it two weeks prior to the upcoming session.

We offer the convenience of paying your tuition and other associated fees through our parent portal.  Through the parent portal you can view your families current and upcoming fees and past payment history.  

Every class is taught by a highly qualified teacher in one of our 4 dance rooms.  Each of our dance rooms have a sprung dance floor that is healthy for growing, athletic bodies.  You may also see a class assistant in your child’s class. Class assistants are all talented members of our Performing Group that are eager to work with our younger dancers.  

We have very large observation windows and plenty of seating, allowing family members great views into the classroom.  Our windows have privacy mirror tint on them allowing you to see in and our dancers to stay focused on what is going on inside the classroom.

We do have a dress code and strongly believe in  “Dress Like a Dancer = Act Like a Dancer”.  Dress Codes can be found under each class description. Be sure to visit our BOWtique located inside the studio where you can find everything you need from darling dance dresses for our littlest dancers to the latest dance trends for our teens.  

A bit about dance education: Dance education encompasses far more than the steps your children will learn. Discipline, Commitment, Respect, Friendship and Teamwork are just a few of the virtues dance education fosters.   We strive to provide a loving, professional, age-appropriate environment with a first class staff and facility that enables our dancers to grow and flourish.  Our goal is to educate our dancers; to teach them skills needed for success in life, whether or not they stay involved in dance.

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