Marie Stallbaum


Marie Stallbaum started dance at a young age (ballet, tap, jazz, acro & baton). Along with dance, other activities she enjoyed were swimming, diving, ice skating & gymnastics.

At age 10, her parents were tired of taxiing 3 children to numerous activities and asked them to choose one. Marie’s passion was gymnastics. She trained at Aerial Gymnastics in IL.

She aspired to be on the US National team but seriously injured her left knee at age 14. She remained deeply passionate about gymnastics, rehabilitated her left knee, continued to train, coach, then earned a full gymnastic scholarship to the University of WI - Madison. After competing in the NCAA Big 10, she earned her RN, BSN, went on to coach high level gymnasts at Aerial Gymnastics & ran their Gymtot program.

Later, she competed in the fitness & figure arena & won The 2001 Las Vegas and also competed in 2002 USAs & 2003 Jr. Nationals.

Marie feels it is a privilege to teach DP Acro to help develop “stronger dancers!”